On a mission to end suffering in the workplace

Meaningful work that we enjoy is one of life’s greatest rewards

When we believe in the vision, love what we do, and enjoy the people we work with, something powerful happens.

— Kendra Prospero, CEO

We believe time spent at work— from CEO to front line —should be much more than doing your job and earning a living.

Having witnessed the negative impacts on culture and productivity when employees and employers are out of alignment, Founder and CEO Kendra Prospero decided to leave the corporate world in 2011 to create Turning the Corner, with a mission to end suffering in the workplace.

Her passion for helping people and years of executive management and leadership training experience, combined with an exceptional team of HR professionals, remain the driving forces behind Turning the Corner’s continued success today.

For over a decade, Turning the Corner has helped people just like you find their dream job.

Turning the Corner specializes in helping people understand their core strengths and what they really want out of a job and career. Then we help you go after it.

Are you ready to find your dream job?

Let’s talk about how working with us will help you do it!

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