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A lot of people are willing to give you advice about how to ace a job interview. As recruiters, we interview people every day and we know what makes us want to recommend a candidate to the best employers. We’ve interviewed candidates in nearly all occupations and have useful advice that applies to your exact situation.

Interview Preparation that Helps Get You Offers

Are you getting interviews, but no offers? It’s a frustrating scenario for any job seeker. You clearly have the skills the company is looking for but can’t seem to seal the deal when you meet with the hiring manager. More often than not, this is a strong indicator that you could benefit from interview skills training.


Interview Preparation Tips and Tactics

Interview Preparation Focused on the Endgame

How Our interviewing Skills Training Helps You

To be successful in an interview, you have to be prepared, relaxed, and ready to explain what makes you the ideal candidate for the position. In our interview skills training, we help you by evaluating your current interviewing style with a live mock interview that includes common interview questions. We then provide immediate and candid feedback about the things you did well and areas needing improvement. That may sound intimidating, but it’s actually a very collaborative experience, and one that job seekers say is interesting and rewarding.

Clear and Calm for the First and Second Interview

We help you get clear on your strengths and comfortable with “tooting your own horn” in a way that is relevant to the role you are applying for and that makes you look confident but not cocky. It’s an acquired skill, as it seems like most people aren’t wired to be in that sweet spot.

We also prepare you for everything from how to greet an interviewer to how to handle common second interview questions to what to ask a hiring manager at the end of an interview. As a result, you come to see interviews as honest conversations rather than frightening evaluations, and coming across as more relaxed tends to lead to more job offers.

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We’ve Helped Countless People Land Their Dream Job

Interviewing with confidence is the common denominator.

At Turning the Corner, we’ve helped countless people like you land their dream job. What’s a common denominator with all of these successful job seekers? They go into the interview with confidence. When interview preparation makes you confident in both your professional skills and your ability to handle common situational interview questions, it definitely shows. And hiring managers are drawn to confidence. They want to bring on team members who can tackle any task that is thrown at them.

You want to know another fact about the job seekers that we’ve helped find jobs? Very few of them were confident about interviewing when we first started working with them. But, there are many proven interviewing techniques that can help you – wherever you fall on the confidence spectrum – feel more prepared and in control when you sit down with the hiring manager, HR representative or anyone at the company who wants to assess you as a potential employee or coworker.


What Our Clients Say About Our Job Seekers Services

“Kendra and her team at Turning the Corner, LLC helped me develop an effective job search strategy, provided helpful knowledge of the region’s job market and current demands and worked with me until I landed in an excellent position that offered me a 12% raise and a great career path for my strengths and interests. I was especially impressed by their collaboration with me to update my resume with the most current format as well as powerful wording to most effectively sell my skills and accomplishments. Additionally, their knowledge of social media, especially LinkedIn, was a huge asset in optimizing my visibility during the search. The peace of mind and confidence I gained through knowing that I had such a great team representing me during one of the most important decisions I’ll make in my professional life was well worth the investment I made.”

John S.

Ginger worked magic, turning my work experience into a sleekly branded, professional resume and LinkedIn profile. I'm now confident in the first impression that my resume will make with potential employers. Working with Turning the Corner was so easy--everyone was friendly and responsive. I highly recommend this service and can vouch for its return on investment!

Adriana H.

You can spend days reading low-quality online resume advice, or you can get the 'secret sauce' directly from Turning The Corner and save yourself time and aggravation. A week after I started to put out my new resume, my inbox was overflowing with interview requests, I even had to turn some down! TTC helped me focus my search to better match my skills and be more judicious about the application process and my salary requirements. This personal service is a tremendous value for the price.

Ben J.

I had the privilege of working with Turning the Corner to prepare for my first job interview in 18 years. After our mock interview, they had several great pointers about giving specific examples in my answers and framing my responses to include why I'm right for the job. In addition, their suggestions on what to wear helped me feel confident I looked the part on the day of the interview. I am grateful Turning the Corner was able to squeeze me in on short notice, and I am certain I was better prepared as a result of their help. Thank you!

Jennifer S.


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