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Will Your Resume
Make the Cut

There might be dozens or even hundreds of resumes that an HR representative has to go through to find the handful of people that will get an interview. Will yours make the cut? We understand that it’s stressful to submit your resume and be left wondering if it will get read.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll get an interview, our resume services, provided by certified professional resume writers, can ensure that your work history is presented in a way that aligns with the expectations of HR representatives so you have the best chance of being noticed.

And, in taking care of this critically important task for you, your resume writer not only gives you peace of mind, but they also free you to address other aspects of your job search like research and networking.

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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine with Help from a Resume Coach

Our resume services include updating and enhancing your LinkedIn profile, an essential part of a successful job search in today’s market. This powerful online networking and marketing tool is a highly effective way to connect good people with great opportunities and get you noticed fast.

More recruiters are using LinkedIn as a supplement to job boards. In addition, when you reach out to make connections, a professional-looking LinkedIn page gives you credibility and authority. We take the guesswork and the stress out of crafting an effective LinkedIn profile.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Corporate branding is a common term in today’s business world, but as a job seeker, it is crucial you develop and strengthen your personal brand. In the competitive arena of the job search, standing out from the other applicants is a top priority.

Our career coaches and resume writers will help you develop your personal branding statement and 30-second commercial. Having a practiced personal introduction will make you more at ease when meeting people, networking, or during an informational interview. In addition, you will learn how to incorporate your brand into your resume, LinkedIn, and social media channels to increase your visibility and become memorable.


What Our Clients Say About Our Job Seekers Services

“Kendra and her team at Turning the Corner, LLC helped me develop an effective job search strategy, provided helpful knowledge of the region’s job market and current demands and worked with me until I landed in an excellent position that offered me a 12% raise and a great career path for my strengths and interests. I was especially impressed by their collaboration with me to update my resume with the most current format as well as powerful wording to most effectively sell my skills and accomplishments. Additionally, their knowledge of social media, especially LinkedIn, was a huge asset in optimizing my visibility during the search. The peace of mind and confidence I gained through knowing that I had such a great team representing me during one of the most important decisions I’ll make in my professional life was well worth the investment I made.”

John S.

Ginger worked magic, turning my work experience into a sleekly branded, professional resume and LinkedIn profile. I'm now confident in the first impression that my resume will make with potential employers. Working with Turning the Corner was so easy--everyone was friendly and responsive. I highly recommend this service and can vouch for its return on investment!

Adriana H.

You can spend days reading low-quality online resume advice, or you can get the 'secret sauce' directly from Turning The Corner and save yourself time and aggravation. A week after I started to put out my new resume, my inbox was overflowing with interview requests, I even had to turn some down! TTC helped me focus my search to better match my skills and be more judicious about the application process and my salary requirements. This personal service is a tremendous value for the price.

Ben J.

I had the privilege of working with Turning the Corner to prepare for my first job interview in 18 years. After our mock interview, they had several great pointers about giving specific examples in my answers and framing my responses to include why I'm right for the job. In addition, their suggestions on what to wear helped me feel confident I looked the part on the day of the interview. I am grateful Turning the Corner was able to squeeze me in on short notice, and I am certain I was better prepared as a result of their help. Thank you!

Jennifer S.


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